Royal Arch Masonry

The Royal Arch is considered to be the completion of Craft Masonry and Master Masons can join a Royal Arch Chapter four weeks after completing their 3rd Degree.

For more information on joining the Royal Arch, contact the Lodge Secretary


A message from Comp James W Sharpley , Most Excellent Grand Superintendent
24th May 2020

Dear Companions all,
During this time of suspension of Convocations, I would like to wish you all well and trust that you are coping with your particular situations with fortitude and determination to make life as enjoyable as possible. In these challenging times, I and the Provincial Executive are continuing to make the best of the situation and will do all we can to help those in need. We are encouraging all the Royal Arch Almoners to make contact with their respective Companions to ensure that each of you are coping with your respective circumstance.
As a fraternal organization, it is our duty to care for each other and as we are all effectively our Almoners’ ‘eyes and ears’, then now more than ever, is the time to implement this practically. I shall leave it to each of you to make the occasional contact with your Chapter members, to have a chat and brighten someone’s day and if necessary, to contact your Chapter Almoner if someone is in need.
Looking after yourself is equally important and I would urge you to follow the best advice given to keep as safe as possible. Your membership of this fraternal organization is now more important than it has ever been and after centuries of helping others, which of course continues, now is the time to also take care of ourselves and each other.
Companions, these are difficult and trying times, but we will persevere and come through them to again enjoy our Royal Arch Masonry.
May the True and Living God Most High protect each and every one of you.
Sincerely & fraternally
James Sharpley
Most Excellent Grand Superintendent


The Royal Arch is the continuation of Craft Freemasonry. Its members, called Companions, meet in Chapters which are ruled over by three Principals, who rule conjointly.

The Royal Arch has four ceremonies: the exaltation ceremony to bring in new members and an installation ceremony for each of the three Principals. The exaltation ceremony is in two parts: a rather dramatic presentation of the principles of the Order followed by three Lectures in which the history, symbolism and principles of the Royal Arch are further explained. Like Craft Freemasonry, the Royal Arch is open to men of all faiths.

In England, the Royal Arch is considered to be the completion of "pure ancient Masonry". The allegory of the exaltation ceremony is based on the Old Testament telling of the return to Jerusalem from the Babylonish captivity to rebuild the city and temple. In clearing the ground of the original temple for the foundations of the second temple, the candidate makes a number of discoveries which lead the candidate to a consideration of the nature of God and his personal relationship with Him, whatever his religion might be.


The Provincial Grand Chapter of Hertfordshire

The first meeting of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Hertfordshire took place on 26th November 1830 although meetings thereafter were sporadic. Since 28th October 1875, and the Installation of Thomas Frederick Halsey MP as Grand Superintendent, the Province has had a continuous existence.

Today the Province has 78 Chapters meeting across 11 Masonic venues.

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