Wilson-Iles Lodge No. 2054
Consecrated on 23rd July 1884



Wilson-Iles Lodge was consecrated on 23rd July 1884 at The Four Swan's Hotel, Waltham Cross under the authority of a warrant dated 22nd May 1884.
The Lodge had the honour of bearing the name of Dr. Francis Henry Wilson-Iles, Deputy Provincial Grand Master in 1889.
The Latin inscription on the Crest adopted by the Lodge, 'Vi et Virtute', is translated to read as 'Life and Honour' and also as 'By Strength and Valour'.


Halsey Masonic Hall, Watford

In 1886 the Lodge looked to move to the Watford area and prior to 1920 moved between several venues in Watford, Bushey and Rickmansworth.
In 1920 plans were made to construct Halsey Masonic Hall in Watford and the Lodge moved into the present building when it was completed in 1926.
With the advent of war in 1939, the ground floor of Halsey Hall was requisitioned by the army for military purposes. Dining, therefore, had to take place in the smaller of the two temples on the first floor.


The future

Today, the Lodge is firmly ensconced in Halsey Masonic Hall with one member serving as a director on the Board of the Hall Management Committee since 2003.
Having celebrated it's 125th anniversary in 2009, the Lodge is now looking forward to celebrating 150 years in the not too distant future.

Genealogy Tree

The table below shows the genealogy tree for Wilson-Iles Lodge.
Each Lodge sponsored the formation of the following Lodge which was consecrated on the date shown.
The exceptions being Friendship Lodge and Isambard Brunel Lodge which were both sponsored by Tudor Lodge.

LodgeDate of Consecration
Union Waterloo Lodge No. 13Warrant issued 6th March 1761
Nelson Lodge No. 700Consecrated 30th June 1857
Capper Lodge No. 1076Consecrated 19th November 1865
King Harold Lodge No. 1327Consecrated 27th September 1870
Wilson-Iles Lodge No. 2054Consecrated 23rd July 1884
Rickmansworth Lodge No. 2218Consecrated 16th November 1887
Abbots Langley Lodge No. 4645Consecrated 14th November 1924
Tudor Lodge No. 7280Consecrated 9th July 1953
Friendship Lodge No. 8357Consecrated 31st March 1971
Isambard Brunel Lodge No. 8908Consecrated 26th November 1979

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